Will Apple Sell 48 Million iPads in 2011? | PadGadget

We’re used to hearing Apple blow-out their sales numbers every quarter and the iPad was a big contributor last quarter with over 4 million units sold generating over $2 billion in additional sales for Apple.  Some analysts think that Apple can do even better and are predicting some huge targets for Apple next year.

Based on a report from Bloomberg, Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair thinks Apple is going to knock the ball out of the park next year and is predicting very lofty sales for the iPad.  After checking with Apple suppliers, Blair estimates Apple will produce between 45 and 48 million iPad in 2011.

Blair feels the iPad’s current sales momentum tied with an all new iPad 2 for 2011 will make it a stellar year for the Cupertino based company.  The iPad 2 will sport a sleeker shape with a single unibody design.  One of the new features Blair thinks will make it into the new thinner iPad is a front-facing camera similar to the iPhone 4 giving users full FaceTime video calling support.

“With the iPhone and the iPad, the company continues to experience tremendous product momentum across two core areas that we believe are still in the early stages of growth: with global handset units at 1.1 billion/year and the tablet opportunity still nascent”  said Blair. “We additionally see meaningful opportunity for Apple in its Mac line, particularly with the company’s new $999 11 inch screen MacBook Air, which our checks show to be selling higher than expected units both online and in Apple Stores.”

48 million iPads is a lofty goal but is in line with what other analysts are predicting Apple will sell in 2011.  Even if Apple falls a bit short, 2011 looks to be a stellar year with Apple controlling the lion’s share of the emerging tablet market space.

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