Scosche unveils new foldIO case for iPad fans – SlashGear

Technically speaking there is a butt load of iPads in the hands of consumers all around the world today. With the sheer number of iPads on the market already and the number of iPads, being built each month is stands to reason that the demand for accessories is very high as well.

foldio sg

Scosche has unveiled a cool new case for the iPad that will protect it from bumps and scratches and helps the user to prop the iPad in a more comfortable position for working on whatever it is the user wants to do. The iPad case is called the foldIO and it adds little bulk to the device.

The foldIO props the iPad in several different positions so that the user can get a comfortable angle for typing, video watching and other tasks. The case can be purchased now for $49.99 and it comes in carbon fiber and leather textures.

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