Flipboard gets a massive update.

Here’s what Flipboard Version 1.0.2 has in store for you once you update the app:

  • More sections: Add up to 21 sections to your Flipboard. Facebook/Twitter accounts can now be removed completely.
  • Faster launch: Start browsing content immediately, with limited offline browsing too.
  • Fresher content: Automatically updates sections when new content is ready. Loads more pages when you get close to the end of a section.
  • Even better layout: Smarter page layouts. Web page snapshots are shown when text preview isn’t available.
  • Better recommendations: Easier to browse recommended sections and add custom feeds.
  • Other features: Retweet with comment, more reliable video playback, view original web page for cover images, better Facebook feed fidelity.

Here are some screen shots of from Version 1.0.2 of Flipboard:

Front page:

Individual Twitter Account Options:

Enhanced Page Layout:

Sharing Options:

Flipboard Version 1.0.2 is indeed faster and increasing the number of squares, and types of content you can add to your squares with faster search options are welcome additions.  Get Flipboard here, or update your current version, and let us know what you think.

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