TUAW’s Daily App: Mirror’s Edge

Usually, we like to use this space to highlight developers and apps that could use a little more exposure, not call out big-budget titles from developers like Electronic Arts. But this one’s worth it — Mirror’s Edge is a pretty terrific, completely original translation of the plaforming game that arrived on consoles last year. It was out on the iPad at launch earlier this year, and now the game has made its way to the iPhone, bringing Retina Display graphics and the same well done gameplay.

Out of all of the “major” game publishers, EA has shown Apple quite a bit of love in the past, and this is probably the company’s best original (in mechanics, if not actually name or premise) title for the iOS platform. It’s a real shame that it took so long for this one to make it around to the handheld, but now that it’s here, it is worth the $4.99 purchase price for those looking for a premium iPhone experience.

And heck, if that’s too much, just be patient another eight months or so and you’ll probably see the game on sale. If you’re interested in this gameplay at all — basically a complicated Canabalt, with heroine Faith running, sliding and shooting her way across rooftops — definitely give it a look.

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