Tiny, Gravity-Defying PadFoot Stand Seems Impossible | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

What do you think about this little iPad stand, called the PadFoot? The tiny slug of plastic has a single slot that holds the tablet by just one corner, or it can be slid underneath to angle the touch-screen up for typing. It is surely a very minimal design, but it looks like it may also offer minimal support.

You need a fairly hefty chunk of plastic to keep the iPad stable when upright, as I found when testing the MoviePeg for the iPad. The MoviePeg consists of two similarly-functioning wedges, and despite being bigger and doubling up on pieces, it had a hard time with anything but a shallow angle in landscape-orientation. I have some trouble believing that the PadFoot could do any of what it seems to be managing in the photos, unless it has a very tight fit.

The price, too, is as steep as the iPad in the pictures: $30. Part of this is explained by the fact that it comes from fab-to-order shop Shapeways, and is therefore 3D-printed on demand but hell, the MoviePeg costs just $20, and there are two pieces.

The most minimal stand is, of course, no stand, and that’s what I use. The Joby Gorillapod which I always carry in my bag is still the best iPad stand I have used, and it does a whole lot more besides.

PadFoot stand for iPad [Michiel Cornelissen]

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