Sanyo Launches iPad Battery Charger | PadGadget

With all the mobile gadgets used by people today, most of us need a way to recharge our gadget batteries when we’re on the go.  But what should you use? Well, SANYO’s eneloop rechargeable batteries have been a big hit and they’re now bringing the same advanced technology to the iPad with the eneloop mobile booster.  Designed to help charge empty batteries while on the road, this portable battery booster provides 1 Amp of power for power hungry devices like the iPad.

The lithium-ion battery provides USB power ports allowing users to easily plug and charge devices like iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches. How long with the eneloop mobile booster last?  If you’re using only one USB port with the output power of 500mA, power will last approximately four hours (2 hours with 1A output power).  If you’ve got more than one device that needs charging, you’ll be able to charge two devices simultaneously supplying about two hours of power from each port.

Portable battery chargers need to recharge too and this device is no exception.  You can charge the eneloop mobile booster using the associated AC adapter or a USB port on a PC with the included USB cable.

The eneloop series goes on sale in Japan first and will launch globally after that.

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