iLunascape for iPad – A Free Alternative to Safari | PadGadget

Tired of Safari? Not willing to pay a dime for an alternate browser? If yes, you may want to add iLunascape to your list. The new browser – built by Lunascape of Japan – was released a couple days ago.

iLunascape was built with the end-user in mind, and takes into account the way people typically hold their iPads. For example, instead of having all the traditional action buttons on top of the screen, the browser has them at bottom, since most of us hold their iPads from the bottom when browsing the web.

The browser also allows tab browsing, a basic features most browser support, except mobile Safari. Jumping from one tab to the other is easy, as like all action buttons, the tabs have also been moved to the bottom of the screen. iLunascape allows simple screen capture and storage directly from the app, simple bookmarking, and iPad rotation controls.

The browser may not work for everyone, as it is built for users who hold their iPads from the bottom. However, if you are looking to replace Safari, this app offers a neat, unique interface, designed to make your browsing experience more efficient. iLunascape is free, so you can safely give it a shot and see if the redesigned user interface works for you.

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