AutoCAD Coming to iPad | PadGadget

Autodesk,  makers of the popular 3D design and engineering software AutoCAD, announced today that they will introduce a version of AutoCAD for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The new AutoCAD WS mobile application will allow iOS users to edit and share AutoCAD files, giving mobile design and engineering professionals the ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues while on the go.

The release of AutoCAD WS coincides with Autodesk’s introduction of AutoCAD for the Mac.  Although AutoCAD has been absent from the Mac market for over 18 years,  they have already embraced the iPhone and iPad ecosystems, releasing the popular SketchBook and Fluid FX iOS apps.

Apple, in a rare move, heralded the introduction of AutoCAD for the Mac and iOS. “Apple is thrilled that Autodesk is bringing AutoCAD back to the Mac and we think it’s the perfect combination for millions of design and engineering professionals,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “The AutoCAD WS app is a bold new idea, a mobile version of industry-leading design software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the world’s most innovative mobile devices.”

AutoCAD WS for iOS will ship beginning this fall and will be available as a free app from Apple’s App Store.

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