Rivals Can Beat Apple’s iPad–At Least Until Next Year – Gearlog

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No one can touch the iPad–not at the moment, at least. You know that, I know that. Apple didn’t invent the space–not by any stretch, but there’s very little doubt that it did, in fact, re-energize–if not reinvent–it. The question, then, is when competitors will really be able to, well, compete with the tablet.

We’ve seen talk of potential “iPad killers” from a number of high profile companies, like HP (who, apparently bought Palm for exactly that reason), Dell (who offered up the Streak with fairly limited results), RIM (sporting the odd name BlackPad), et al.

New estimates from tech marketing research firm iSuppli look immediately grim–but eventually (slightly) hopeful–for potential iPad killers. The firm crunched the estimates, and according to its numbers, Apple will claim around 75 percent of all tablets shipped globally this year.

That number will drop to 70 percent in 2011 and 62 percent in 2012, if the firm’s numbers are to be believed.

In the meantime, “it’s still unlikely that any of the competitors will be able to equal the overall performance experience of the iPad,” iSuppli’s director of monitor research told Reuters.

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