Leather Case Turns iPad into Netbook | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

A new, soon to be released case for the iPad comes with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard that will effectively turn the tablet into a netbook. The leather folio-style case has an ingenious design that lets flips between three configurations. Closed; open with the iPad in normal, touch-screen use and open, propping up the iPad with the keyboard flat in front of it.

The keyboard itself is made of silicone and will therefore be squishy and very likely unresponsive. It has a home button along with all the media controls you’d expect, and will go into sleep mode to save batteries after ten minutes of non-use. The battery, must be charged separately from the iPad (although you can use your iPad’s charging cable to do it) and will give up to 45 hours of use on a charge.

It looks kind of neat, if you really want such a bulky thing. I prefer Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard as it is small enough to sling in your bag, but separate so I don’t have to carry it with the iPad all the time. In fact, I bought the Apple keyboard but almost never use it. Like Wired.com NY bureau chief John C Abell, I find I actually prefer typing on the iPad’s screen. The auto-correct along with the big keys means I actually type faster and more accurately on that than I do on a “real” keyboard.

Doubtless there are plenty who rightly disagree, and for them, this case exists. It’ll cost you sixty British Pounds Sterling ($93), or likely less when it makes its way to a US outlet.

KeyCase iPad Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard [Gearzap via Apple Insider]

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