Add Unlimited 3G to your Wifi-only iPad for $40 per Month | PadGadget

If you happen to own a WiFi-only iPad, and would love to have access to a 3G wireless network without having to buy a new 3G-enabled iPad, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile new broadband offer may be the answer for you. Virgin just revamped its Broadband2Go mobile broadband service, and now offers a new contract-free, unlimited mobile broadband plan for $40 per month.

To use Virgin Mobile’s new mobile broadband plan, you will need to also purchase the carrier’s MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot for $150. The MiFi, a wireless hotspot able to handle up to 5 WiFi devices, acts as a bridge between your WiFi-enabled devices and Sprint’s network, the network used by Virgin to offer its wireless services.

The iPad+MiFi pairing is not a new solution, as many of our readers opted to buy a MiFi after the purchase of their WiFi-only iPad. However, Virgin’s new plan is by far the cheapest unlimited MiFi plan to date, and is contract-free, just like the iPad’s data plans.

Also, unlike the iPad data plans currently available, Virgin’s new Broadband2Go offer has no limit, and is not tied to a single gadget, since the MiFi can be used with any WiFi-enabled device.

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