PADACS Executive Leather iPad Case – First Look | PadGadget

If you’ve been looking for a nice leather case for your iPad that also doubles as a stand, the PADACS Executive Leather iPad Case is worth taking a look at.

Designed with the executive in mind, corporate iPad users will appreciate the sophisticated style of this 100% leather case. Slip your iPad into the case and then tuck the small flap underneath to keep it secure.  You’ll have easy access to the iPad’s screen and ports allowing you to charge your device, use headphones and more.  Flip the cover over to the back and insert it into the small flap to create a stand.  While in the stand position, you’ll be able to easily view movies, type emails, play games or work.  Flip the cover back around when you’re done and the magnetic closure will keep it securely in place while you’re on the go.

We used this case for a few days and liked the book-style design, easy access and magnetic clip closure.  The iPad fit snugly into the case and never felt in danger of falling out.  We were able to access all buttons and ports easily and use our VGA adapter, charger, speakers, etc. without any difficulty.  With the cover closed, two of the corners are left exposed and unprotected which could be a problem if your iPad were to fall and hit that exact spot.  The stand option was handy for note taking during meetings and watching movies in our free time.

Overall, the Executive Leather iPad Case looks nice, provides good protection and is easy to use.  It’s available for $53.95 in either black or tan.

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