XtremeMac Releases New Chargers for Your iPad | PadGadget

If you’re looking for charging options that support all your iOS devices, XtremeMac just released their latest InCharge product line, which could be quite convenient for you.

XtremeMac, is a company that designs and manufactures cases, chargers and audio solutions for Apple devices. Their recent InCharge product line includes the following products.

InCharge Duo for iPad

This is a dual charging dock for your iPad, iPhone and iPod. It comes with a 2.1 amp rear dock that allows you to charge your iPad and iPod/iPhone simultaneously or you can charge any combination of iPod or iPhone models. The InCharge Duo’s compact design will fit nicely on your desk or counter top, and it also includes LED status indicators on the unit to show when each device is fully charged.

InCharge Auto for iPad

Allows you to charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod in your car. This compact design supports 2.1 amps for charging on the road. In addition, the InCharge Auto has a LED power status indicator and an integrated safety fuse to protect while charging.

InCharge Home for iPad

This is a low-key version of the InCharge Duo that offers two 30-pin-to-USB cable connectors for dock-less, dual-device charging at home.

The InCharge product line is available now. The InCharge Duo is priced at $60. The InCharge Auto and InCharge Home are priced at $25 and $35, respectively. You can buy any of these items from XtremeMac’s website. The product line will also be available at Apple stores in the coming weeks, and via select retailers.

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