The Photo Cookbook for iPad – Become a Chef in Less than 30 Minutes | PadGadget

The Photo Cookbook, an iPad app recently released, is designed to help you put together restaurant-grade dishes in no time. The app is designed to be like a private cooking course in your own kitchen, and offers a detailed approach to cooking, in order to simplify the preparation of the dishes as much as possible.

From the list of ingredients to the end result of each recipe, the app features stunning pictures designed to help you with every steps. In other words, what you see in the photographs is what you should expect to see in front of you. Best of all, all the recipes featured by The Photo Cookbook require less than 30 minutes of preparation time.

The App is divided into four chapters: “Meat”, “Fish”, “Vegetarian” and “Desserts”. Each chapter contains 17 dishes, for a total of 68 recipes – a bit on the lower end, but the developer plans to add more recipes over time. The Photo Cookbook also offers a search function for ingredients and recipes, and the app allows you to email the ingredient list for the dishes you plan to cook, so you don’t have to take your iPad to the grocery store.

The Photo Cookbook is available in the App Store for $4.99.

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