The iPad Project documents deploying iPads at school

We’ve been following the folks at D7 Consulting as they roll out a set of iPads that were awarded to them by (and keep an eye out later this week for an update on that), but that’s not the only group of people attempting to use iPads in a collective space. Frasier Speirs (Mac developer at Connected Flow) is implementing iPads at a school that he works at, and he’s documenting the whole process on his blog as The iPad Project.

It’s an interesting read. Even if you’re not trying to follow in his footsteps and implement a large number of iPads across a system, it’s intriguing to see how he and his co-workers are trying to squeeze a very consumer-targeted product into a more professional space. Concerns range from setting up profiles and activations on each device to more practical issues like labeling them with names and finding a way to charge them all together.

Part of the iPad’s charm has been how many different places and ways that people have found to use it. At its heart, it’s a reasonably powerful touchscreen computer, and that’s a device that’s got a lot of potential in a lot of fields. We’ll look forward to seeing other implementations in various fields and locations.

[via Cult of Mac]

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