Solipskier for iPad – First Look | PadGadget

The best games are often the simplest ones, and Solipskier confirms this rule: with a high-replay value, the game is one of the best “time wasters” for the iPad.

Solipskier is a side-scroller where the goal is to guide a stick-figure skier down ski slopes, while actually drawing the slopes. The game is not very complicated, but is quite addictive: the real challenge of the game is not about guiding the skier down the slopes, but lies in the fact that you are asked to draw the game’s landscape in “real-time” in order to move forward. If you stop, the ground simply disappears, and your skier tumbles to his death.

By drawing complex slopes, you will be able to gain more speed and perform tricks, but note that the more complex your slopes are, the more likely your skier will die!

Solipskier is available in the App Store for $2.99.

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