A really useable iPad case from ZooGue

I love my iPad, but using it presents some challenges. It’s uncomfortable to hold because it’s heavy. On a lap, it’s too flat. You can stand it up against something, but the iPad is pretty slippery and eventually it will fall over.

I’ve looked at a lot of cases. Not finding one I liked for use in the home, I bought an InCase for travel, and it has worked really well. Unfortunately, you can’t use the iPad when it’s in the case.. Using the iPad around the house was a bit of a pain. I tried some little picture frame stands from discount stores, but the iPad is heavy so the stands I found were not very trustworthy.

ZooGue sent me a sample of their Smart Case to try, and I’ve been very pleased with it. It is a full leather folio case that will protect your iPad, and when it opens up you flip the screen cover around and pull out a kickstand that will let the iPad sit at any angle of elevation you like. There are two Velcro straps that can let you hook the iPad to a car seat headrest (for viewing in the back of the car) and those same straps reverse to secure the iPad when you travel.

There are holes for the home button, power/sleep switch, speakers, charging cable and the volume control and orientation switch.

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