iOS 3.2.2 for iPad Just Released | PadGadget

Apple released iOS 3.2.2 for iPad earlier today, effectively closing the PDF flaw which allowed hackers to gain access to the device.

So far, the flaw was mainly used as a way to jailbreak the iPad (see here), and according to the update release notes, two iOS fixes have been included to prevent hackers from tinkering with the device:
– Fix 1: PDF fix designed to prevent the execution of third party code via specially crafted PDF files.
– Fix 2: IOSsurface fix designed to prevent the third party code from being run under system privileges.

Comex, the white hat behind, tweeted late last night that “I guess I need to get working on the next jailbreak,” assuming that Apple was on the brink of updating iOS.

To update your iPad, simply connect it to iTunes and click Check for Update. Some users reported that an already jailbroken iPad remains jailbroken after the fix, however this has not been formally confirmed yet.

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