EFO offers tiny credit card size Bluetooth keyboard for iPad and iPhone – SlashGear

efobtk sgTypically, when I think of adding an external keyboard to my iPad or iPhone, I want one that has larger keys than the device has by default. Apparently, EFO isn’t aware that many of us feel that way judging by the tiny keys that the Mini Bluetooth Wireless keyboard packs.

The little keyboard reminds me a lot of a Blackberry keyboard minus the trackball in the center. The keys are angled upwards towards the sides and the layout is basic QWERTY. The machine also has function keys and media control keys.

The keyboard also has a backlight for typing in dark environments. If you think you can type faster on these little plastic keys than you onscreen keyboard you can pre-order the thing now for $32. After launch it will set you back $40 and shipping is set for early September.

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