Dish Network app Turns Your iPad into a Remote Control.

Want more from your iPad than it already gives you?  Satellite TV provider Dish Network wants to give you just that, releasing an app that turns your iPad into a remote control for your Dish Network digital video recorder.

The free Remote Access app for the iPad makes Dish Network the first and only pay-TV provider to offer a DVR scheduling app designed specifically for the iPad.

The Remote Access app is a fully-featured remote DVR scheduler that allows users to easily browse and search the program guide, schedule DVR recordings, and manage their DVR library as if you were at home.

Also included in the app is a remote control feature that allows users to change the channel on their TV, start playing recorded programs, and use standard navigation features including pause, rewind, and fast forward.

The app is feature-rich, including the ability to:

  • Schedule DVR Recordings
  • Schedule DVR recordings from anywhere
  • One-touch recording – simply chose to record one event, all events or only new events
  • Browse and Search the Program Guide
  • Search the program guide up to 9 days in advance
  • Search for shows by title, genre, network, keyword or actor
  • View graphics and posters of your favorite shows and movies
  • Manage your DVR Library
  • Set recording priorities
  • Manage recording conflicts
  • Delete shows you’ve already watched
  • View and adjust your recording schedule

It should be noted that to use the app you first have to be Dish Network customer,  use Dish Remote Access at least once from your PC, then login to your online Dish account from the app and click on Dish Remote Access to get started.

What other apps similar to that offered by Dish Network have you seen, or used?  Do you think the iPad will become even more useful as an item that controls one’s television if Apple TV becomes more than just a hobby for Apple?

The author of this post is Jeff Cormier

Jeff Cormier, a graduate of Southern Methodist University and the Texas Wesleyan School of Law, is the co-founder of C4 Universe, LLC (, a boutique firm dedicated to providing premium and innovative advertising, marketing, social media and creative consulting services to businesses and information on social media, technology, business strategy and much more to the remainder of the universe. Contact Jeff at or

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