Madden NFL 11 for iPad Just Released! | PadGadget

A few weeks ago we wrote about Madden NFL 11 coming to your iPad. Well, that day is here now. For the first time, Electronic Arts (EA) has launched mobile versions of its popular Madden football game on devices like your iPad and the iPhone on the same day as the full console version of the game.

Madden NFL 11 for the iPad was just released on the App Store. From what we’ve seen so far this game has  high resolution images everywhere. There are noticeable graphical updates and an experience that takes visual details up a notch. You can now see more clearly players on the field, their muscle tone, the mesh on their jerseys, and fans around each stadium will look much more real and animated.

By launching a mobile version of Madden NFL 11 at the same time the console game comes out, there is no doubt EA has recognized the importance of the iPad and iPhone devices. Keep in mind that this game on your iPad will have features that are not available on gaming consoles. For example, a feature called “Hot Routes Everywhere” allows you to design plays on your screen before making it happen.

Last year’s game version (Madden NFL 10) allowed you to design plays, but only for the wide receiver position. Now, you can design plays for almost all players on the field. For example, you can design a defensive scheme to focus your defensive line on one player on the opposite team. All you need to do is draw a line from each player to the desired opposite team’s player and the attention will be drawn to that opposing player.

Madden NFL 11 will keep the game moving by automatically calling out plays based on plays you frequently use. The game includes a “GameFlow” feature that will enable more time on the field. This feature will avoid you to navigate through endless menus selecting plays. The game selects the best play for you taking into consideration field position, score, and more.

Another new feature is called “Pass and Play”, and it’s only available on the iPad. This feature lets you tap on buttons on the right bottom corner of your iPad to execute a pass instead of tapping on the receiver to make the same action happen. This feature was designed to avoid forcing you let go of your iPad to tap on something in the middle of the screen.

Get ready to match up all 32 NFL teams featuring updated rosters and nearly 2,000 real players. You can play through a 16-game schedule in Season Mode, making trades and tracking stats. You can get into Playoffs Mode and play through exciting games all the way to the Super Bowl.

A feature that we certainly hoped would be available today was the online multi-player mode. But, it’s not available yet. However, EA plans some FREE updates very soon that will include multi-player and “Vintage Voltage” football modes. The multi-player mode is scheduled to become available just in time for the kick-off of the NFL regular season. The “Vintage Voltage” football will be an innovative throwback to retro-style electric football.

Madden NFL 11 for iPad is available now on the App Store. The game is available for $12.99 for your iPad, compared to $59.99 for the console game.

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