Let’s Golf! 2 for iPad – Golf Around the Globe | PadGadget

This weekend, Gameloft launched a new version of their fun golf game called Let’s Golf! 2 HD. This new game, which is a sequel to Let’s Golf! HD, brings a faster and more colorful fun golf experience.

Play golf with 8 fun characters, fully modeled in 3D. You can customize your golfer with a selection of gear and clothes that you can unlock to improve your skills.

With the new game you will continue to golf around the globe. Discover 108 holes of golf across 6 varied locations like Mount Olympus Golf Club, Aztec Temple, a Winter Wonderland in Greenland, a tree-filled Bavaria, the spectacular English Countryside and the wild Royal Safari in Kenya. Each spot will have its own challenges to overcome.

The new game adds new characters, and each character has their own unique super power that can give them an unexpected edge. Now you can pull off unbelievable shots by stopping the ball at will, or by even rewinding time.

Let’s Golf! 2 HD comes with an in-depth Career mode and new challenges like Shoot Out where you eliminate one player after each hole, and Closest to Pin where players put it all on the line with a single shot. Get ready to play some golf, and grab a friend to play against each other in one of 3 different multi-player modes: Online WiFi, Local WiFi and Bluetooth.

Let’s Golf! 2 HD can be downloaded now for $4.99.

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