OtterBox Defender Case for iPad – Accessory Review | PadGadget

Yesterday we looked at the Commuter Series Case and today we’ll take on the Defender.  Read on and find out what we had to say about it.

If you work in construction or need an iPad case that will provide great protection in a rough environment, give the Defender case a try.  This heavy duty case is made of polycarbonate and silicon materials.  Installation is more involved requiring the removal of a silicon outer casing, disassembly of the inner polycarbonate shell and then reassembly of all pieces around the iPad.  Ports and buttons are also covered for protection.  Two additional features of the Defender case include a protective film and a polycarbonate cover for the iPad screen. The screen cover snaps easily on both sides of the cases:  on front to protect the screen or on back for storage when not in use.  It also doubles as a stand whenever you should need one.  Raised silicon edges and a plastic lip provides screen protection like no other.

After a couple of weeks using the Defender case, we realized the great potential this design offered.  Installation was more involved but also provided the significant iPad protection required for more intense on the job use.  The clip on screen cover and stand were also added bonuses.  We found the Defender case to be the most rugged case we’ve reviewed.

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