Chinese Knock-Off: Two-in-One iPad Connection Kit | Gadget Lab |

The Mystery of the Rare Peripheral continues, running on and on just like an old Republic serial. The peripheral in question is of course the iPad Camera Connection Kit, a box of plastic dongles so rare that even a hen’s dentist wouldn’t believe it exists.

While the iPad and iPhone have remained in tight supply, you can actually get one fairly easily. The Camera Connection Kit, by contrast, is still subject to a weeks-long wait. Mine finally arrived after a month and a half of waiting. Great, except it arrived at the wrong address, and is still missing.

This little Chinese widget combines the SD card-reader and the USB-port of Apple’s two boxes into one, and costs the same $29 (HK$228). The most important feature, though, is its availability, which is immediate. If you’re in China, that is. International orders are likely to take as long to arrive as the Apple original, which is at least guaranteed to work.

We know you’re struggling to meet demand, Apple, but come on, its a card-reader. Are you telling us that there’s a shortage of USB-ports in the world? Or that the white-plastic mines are running dry? Actually, maybe that’s actually the problem.

iPad Camera Connection Kit Knockoff Goes 2-in-1 [MIC Gadget]

iPad Combo Camera Adapter + card reader [WeiPhone]

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