Murdoch Says iPad is a Game Changer | PadGadget

News Corp announced their 4Q numbers yesterday and during the earning call News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, said the iPad was a “game changer” for the media industry.

News Corp has eagerly embraced the iPad and was one of the first media companies to launch a newspaper title for Apple’s new device.  The Wall Street Journal app quickly shot to the top of the apps charts and has been a top download since the launch of the iPad back in April.

News Corp management is very excited by the tablet format with Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey saying the iPad has “transformed people’s expectations and the opportunities around mobile.”  Carey went on to say “it is also a device that for the first time really starts to deliver on the promise of multimedia, where you can see how you could … go between what traditionally would be video content, printed content, advertising that really is attractive that you could penetrate through and engage with.”

As we previously reported, News Corp is considering creating a standalone business group focused soley on creating content for the tablet market. News Corp would be the first major media outlet to create a tablet only media group and could benefit from the early success and experience of their Wall Street Journal app.

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