Become an Editor with Pulse News Reader for iPad | PadGadget

Pulse News Reader, a visual news aggregator that takes in multiple news sources that you follow, and creates a visual mosaic of your news, was updated a few days ago. The latest update lets you mash up your own news allowing others to subscribe to your latest news mix.

But, what does it mean to you? It’s simple. The app now allows you to create a customized source feed via Posterous with content found through Pulse’s app.

Pulse’s latest update (version 1.1.4) allows you to setup your own “Pulse”. The news reader app has added integration with Posterous, which is a free web publishing service where users like you can easily create and update your own blog-like page via email, adding content with links to articles or by attaching photos, videos, or other files.

If you’re looking through some of your feeds within Pulse News Reader, and see a post that you would like to share with others, just tap on the “heart” icon and the post is added to your “Pulse”. Then, your friends or followers can subscribe to your “Pulse” via the app by searching for your name or handle.

Keep in mind that creating your own “Pulse” feed via Posterous is very easy within the app. If you already have a Posterous page, you can choose to merge it with the one created by Pulse or keep them separate.

If you always wanted to become an “editor”, this latest update allows you to create your own news feed, and increase your number of followers. The more people you get to tap in the “heart” icon for a specific post, the more you increase your chances to make it to the top stories page at If you add a lot of posts, you get a chance to be considered a top editor and will be listed on the Pulsememe page.

Pulse News Reader latest update is available for free to current users. If you want to check out the Pulse News Reader app, you can download it now by clicking here.

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