App Layout for iPad – First Look | PadGadget

If you’re in development and looking for a way to create mockup designs for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch applications, check out App Layout by developer Jason Jardim.  App Layout is a mockup tool that is both straightforward and easy to use.  Brainstorm design layouts or create storyboards for design presentations by simply selecting, dragging and modifying objects using your finger and your iPad.

A number of options are available for use with App Layout.  Background colors, Landscape or Portrait orientations and different icon objects will let you easily customize your design.  Layouts include options for iPads or iPhones/iPods in either landscape or portrait mode, as well as double iPhones/iPods (two devices side by side) also in both orientations.

Once you’ve selected your mockup device, you’ll have 140 object icons available to use for the iPad and 83 for the iPhone/iPod.  Select objects, position them on the device and then further manipulate them by double tapping on an object to bring up an editing bar at the bottom of the screen.  Resize, zoom, rotate, alpha and move objects forward and back until objects meet your specifications.  Add text and adjust fonts, size and color too.

When you’re finished, save your designs to Photos for future reference or email them or post them to Facebook for other members of your team to provide comments.  It’s that easy!  After watching the tutorial the first time the app starts and playing around for only a few minutes, I created the design below.

If you’re in the market for a mockup tool for iPad, iPhone or iPod app development, give App Layout at try.  It’s available now for $2.99 in the App Store.

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