TUAW’s Daily App: Star Dunk

Star Dunk is a strange little mix of online basketball (you can see the basic idea here) and an interesting cosmic aesthetic. To shoot the basketball, you just touch the screen and drag until your guideline is lined up, and then you fire away and try to drop in as many shots as possible. You get bonus points for extra nice shots, and if you hit all four targets on the “backboard,” you can grab power-ups as well. High scores earn you Plus+ achievements and in-game rewards, like different balls (with various useful attributes) to use.

The game is a ton of fun! It’s got that perfect “just one more try” feeling to it that keeps you going back for another round. And the graphics are terrific for the game’s simplicity; there are lots of sparkles, and even some fun zoom angles, interspersed with ambient background music and glossy sound effects. Star Dunk is a great little title, and it’s only 99 cents. So, if that online basketball gameplay appeals to you, it’s a no brainer.

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