iPad Data Cost by Country – From Dirt Cheap to Pretty Hefty | PadGadget

Always wondered what international iPad 3G owners are paying for their data plans in their respective countries? The folks at Tableau just collected the data for 18 countries scattered around the globe, and the differences in cost are striking – while the cost of the iPad is more or less the same everywhere in the world, the cost per gigabyte of data ranges from about 51 cents to a whopping $25, depending on the country.

On the low end of the price spectrum, Asia is leading the pack, as you can use a gigabyte of data for less than a dollar in countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. On the other end of the spectrum, European iPad owners seem to be the least lucky, as the cost per gigabyte of data can go up to $25 in some European countries like France.

As for the US, iPad owners pay $12.50 per gigabyte of data, which is right in the middle of the price spectrum.

Chart credit: Tableau

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