Glamour Magazine Now Available on the iPad | PadGadget

Ladies, fashion magazines on the iPad have been few and far between, that is until now.  Hot off the press, magazine publisher Condé Nast just released Glamour to bring you the latest “fashion trends, beauty tips, relationship advice, and health tips.”

The new Glamour app is a free download and comes with a stream of free content from the website.  Readers also have the option of purchasing a monthly issue of the magazine for $3.99.  Each digital issue includes all the content of the print magazine, plus it adds exclusive content (photos, stories and video) you can’t get anywhere else.

Glamour has taken the time to create a unique reader experience on both the iPhone and iPad devices by adding design elements to enhance the experience.  For example, you can use the app in either landscape mode, where you can swipe through the content as with the standard print edition, or you can hold it in portrait mode, where you get a more interactive version of the magazine.

The app also adds a new twist to the magazine’s fashion and beauty recommendations.  Readers can now click on an item in the magazine and be transported to a website where you can instantly purchase items from the magazine.

Glamour is the 5th iPad magazine Condé Nast has released behind well known titles like Vanity Fair, GQ, Wired and Epicurious. With fall fashions appearing in malls across the country, check out Glamour today and be prepared for the latest trends.

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