Stanford Med Students Receive iPads | PadGadget

Located in Silicon Valley, Stanford University has a long history with its neighbor Apple Inc.  Most recently, the School of Medicine announced all incoming first year medical students and Master of Medicine students will receive iPads according to AppleInsider.

Stanford specified four reasons behind their new iPad program:

  1. student readiness – the iPad “creates opportunities for efficient, mobile, and innovative learning.”
  2. “the flexibility of iPad technology” – the iPad “allows students to view and annotate course content electronically, facilitating advance preparation as well as in-class note-taking in a highly portable, sharable and searchable format.”
  3. access to information and “information literacy” – “students will be able to easily access high-quality information at any place, at any time (for example, images from textbooks on digital course reserve, image databases, journal articles, Lane Library’s various search tools, etc.)”
  4. intent to go green – “replacing printed syllabi with PDFs is in line with the Sustainable Stanford initiative, which aims to build sustainable practices into every aspect of campus life.”

With many schools and universities starting up again in August, it’ll be interesting to see who will be implementing iPads into their programs and how they plan to do it.  Leave us a comment below if your school has plans for the iPad.

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