How to Update Firmware Software on Apple iPad | iPad Tutorials

Problem : Recently one of our visitor had a query on how can they update their Apple iPad‘s software or the Operating system for better security and features which are offered by Apple. Even though they had purchased the Apple iPad from the official store he did not receive any email from Apple regarding this update and if there is a need to take the device to the Genius Bar to get the task done.

Solution : There is no need to travel if you are looking to update your Apple device because the company offers a update directly through their iTunes application. First of all you need to cross verify the current Version of your device with the current release and find if there is a release available or not. To find this under the Settings option in your iPad, tap on General > About > Version and you will get the following information. In order to understand all the basics of Apple iPad read the initial setup tutorial

Apple iPad Firmware Version

You also need to make a note that you cannot find the information related to these updates under the Apple Store because at that location you can just update the applications which were downloaded through it. You cannot update the device through this App Store because that’s not possible and you will have to connect the iPad with the computer and then update it. To get started with the software update you will have to connect it to your computer and run the iTunes application.

Once its connected to the Apple iTunes you will be shown with a message to update the device and get the latest features available. You will be shown with three different options ie Either Download, Download and Install or Cancel the operation. Select the option ‘Download and Install’ for the iTunes to download a copy of the official firmware file from the online servers which is normal a large download file and would take decent amount of time for the whole process to be completed.

Update Apple iPad Firmware

Next iTunes will show you a warning to transfer all of your purchased items on your iPad the iTunes Library which can be restored in the later stage. To continue with this you will have to right click on the iPad under Devices and select the option ‘Transfer Purchases’ to make the application to copy all your apps into the computer as a backup.

Transfer Purchases Apple iPad

Next click on the Update button again and proceed towards the installation. You will have to click on the Next button on the Important Information window.

Apple iPad Software Update

You will be asked to Agree with the Software License Agreement which includes the Notices from Apple, Google Maps Terms and Conditions, Youtube Terms and Conditions etc. This is a compulsary task following which only Apple allows you to update the device.

Apple Software License Agreement

Following this iTunes will start downloading the software update on your computer followed by the installation procedure. The downloaded file would be extracted in the background and then the iPad update would be verified with Apple. Once this is done the iPad would be prepared for software update followed by final updations of the device and verifications. Once this is completed you will get a final message with the device restarting and appearing back after the updation. Check out the updated firmware version at Settings > General > About > Version.

iPad Software Update Download

Note : If you have a Jailbroken Apple iPad then it will be back to the original state once you update it and you will have to again Jailbreak the device to install cracked apps & Install Multitasking App to Switch Apps

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