Tote your iPad with Class in a DodoCase – Gearlog

DodoCase - StandingMost iPad cases and sleeves look like what they usually are: plastic or polycarbonate shells or zipper-bound styrene and nylon containers that you use only to carry your iPad from one place to another. The DodoCase, on the other hand, is an attractively designed case that keeps your iPad safe while you carry it about but looks good at the same time. Inspired by journals and sketchbooks and handmade in San Francisco, the DodoCase borrows from bookbinding techniques to create a bamboo and faux leather shell that keeps your iPad safe and lets you use it at the same time.

The body of the DodoCase is made from bamboo and carved to give you access to the power button, volume buttons, and the dock connector and other onboard ports. The bamboo tray is then bound over with a fake leather cover with an elastic strap that slips over the tray to keep the case closed when not in use. The cover is designed so you can fold it over the back of the case and prop the iPad up at an angle to watch videos or type on it without removing it from the case. If the design and hand-crafted nature of the DodoCase appeals to you, they’re available now for $59.95, although you’ll have to wait 4 to 6 weeks while yours is made and shipped to you. 

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