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ipad edit google docs

When you first get your iPad you might want to use it to edit documents such as your Google Docs or your Office files.  There are no built-in apps which allow you to do this, but here are a few that you might want to check out…

Whether you use your iPad as a student, business user, casual user or anyone else using the iPad, there are times when you might want to edit documents whether you use Google docs or you have Office docs.

The iPad does not have a native way to do this, but fortunately there are some apps that can make your life a lot easier when it comes to editing documents.  As an aside, these apps also do a lot more than just editing.

Here are a few options for you if you want to edit your docs as opposed to just viewing them.

Office(2) HD ($7.99)

Office (2) HD

Office (2) is a consistent favorite amongst users.  With this app you can view, create and edit Word, Excel, and Google Docs files. It also works with an external keyboard such as the Apple bluetooth keyboard. It is also a full PDF viewer as well so you can store and access all your PDF files.

The really great thing about this app is that it integrates with both Google Docs as well as MobileMe.  So, if you are a user of Apple’s Mobileme services then you can log into your iDisk and get all your stored documents.

If you are not a mobileme user and you don’t have Google docs then this app can be mounted as a drive from Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, or from a web browser and then you can transfer your documents to it.  Additionally you can also transfer files by using iTunes sync.

This app includes full editing support for all document and spreadsheet files. It also lets you save files to PDF and organize all your documents as well.  It is definitely worth the price if you want to do more than just view files.

Doc (2) HD ($5.99)

Doc (2) HD

Doc (2) is more heavily focused as a word processor than a general office app.  It lets you create Word 97-2003 (.doc) format files as well as access and edit all your Google docs.  Just like Office (2), you can access files using your iDisk if you are a mobileme subscriber.  Additionally you can mount it as a drive on your Mac or PC in order to transfer files.

A nice feature with this app is that it also lets you access files on your Dropbox account and many other cloud service providers.  This is great for those that use other services to store your docs/files.

The entire app can be protected with a 4 digit passcode, documents can be saved in PDF, and it allows for two-way transfer via iTunes.

Both Doc(2) and Office (2) are made by the same company so the features will be very similar.  Doc (2) offers similar functionality but its focus is more heavily on documents and spreadsheets rather than all office file types.  This is the perfect app to start out with if you want to explore document editing.

Sheet (2) HD ($5.99)

Sheet (2) HD

Sheet (2) is another editing app but it is focused on spreadsheet editing.  It allows you do edit and create spreadsheets in both Excel and Google docs formats.  Just like Office (2), you can access files using your iDisk if you are a mobileme subscriber.  Additionally you can mount it as a drive on your Mac or PC in order to transfer files.

The difference between this app and the other editing apps are that this one supports advanced spreadsheet editing such as functions, multiple sheets, cell formatting and searching.  It is a standalone app that is for the person who wants to get the most they can when editing spreadsheets.

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