5 Free Apps To Make Your iPad A Useful Business Tool [Mac]

by Jessica Drew on Jul. 28th, 2010

The iPad continues to see record sales at the moment – with many iPad owners reporting that they love using their iPad to stream movies, play games and visit their social networks. It seems the iPad is getting quite a reputation as an entertainment-only device. Some techies and workaholics claim the iPad is totally useless as a business tool. In his article for PC World, David Coursey says the iPad has some potential in the business world, but as of now “it’s really not that much different from a really big iPod.”

Honestly, I see Coursey’s point – the iPad does have a way to go before it becomes an invaluable business tool. However, I think there are some excellent, free apps that make it very useful for the business world that are available for download right now.


Work with complex sets of data all day? Then you’re going to love Roambi. This free program takes data from multiple platforms (Excel, SAP Business Objects, Salesforce CRM) and turns them into interactive charts and graphs. Not only are these charts and graphs great looking but they make data analysis easier. The program is so impressive, show your boss this video of Roambi on the iPad, and you may convince your company to foot the bill for your new iPad!

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