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Each week I pick a few subscribers to the blog at random and I ask them if they would like a free app of their choice. I also do this for our Facebook Fans as well.  The standard way to send an app to someone is to “Gift” them the app.  iTunes will send them an email so they can redeem it.  However, last week several people emailed me and said they could not redeem the app using their iPad.  Here’s why…

If you are trying to redeem a gifted app on your iPad from an iTunes email you received you will probably get the following message “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”.  This is because of a known issue with the way that the iTunes app on the iPad communicates with the store.  Here is an Apple support article that explains a workaround, but I will explain it here as well.

The Gifted App On The iPad Workaround #1

  • In your email application, find your music gift message
  • Right-click (or Control-click) the Redeem image and from the shortcut menu, choose Copy
  • Click in the web browser’s address field and from the Edit menu, choose Paste
  • The address should look similar to the following:
  • Press Return. iTunes will open and accept the gift

The Gifted App On The iPad Workaround #2

If the steps above do not work then you can also try the following:

  • Locate your gift code.  It appears after the “code=” text in the text that you copied into the web address of your browser.  Select this code and copy it.
  • Open iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, and sign in to your account
  • In the Quick Links section in the right column, click Redeem
  • In the next screen paste or type in your code, click Submit and your app will download

After you have performed one of the actions above, you can then sync your iPad with the computer you used to download and the app.

Let’s hope that this is corrected in the iPad iOS 4 update because there will be a lot of app gifting going on for the upcoming back to school season, and the holiday season!

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