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ipad keyboard shortcuts

If you use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard or the on-screen keyboard then you know that it lacks some of the keyboard shortcuts you are used to using with your laptop/desktop.  Here are some iPad keyboard shortcuts you can use that will help you out…

Since the day the iPad was officially on sale back in April we have all generally discovered that if you want to type out long documents or messages, then it is much easier to use an external keyboard.  You can get the keyboard dock, or you can get a Bluetooth keyboard.  The Apple Bluetooth keyboard is great since it’s light and portable, but it does have some limitations.  Even so, some people still prefer to use the on-screen keyboard. Here are some keyboard shortcuts for both the bluetooth and the on-screen iPad keyboard.

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

While using the Bluetooth keyboard to type out a rather long post I discovered some very useful keys missing.   This set me on a search to find out how I could get more out of this little keyboard and I have this list here of all of the shortcuts I (and others) have found.

Screen Controls

  • F1 (Dims the Screen)
  • F2 (Brightens the Screen)

iPod App Controls

  • F7 (Goes Back One Song)
  • F8 (Play/Pause Music)
  • F9 (Skip a Song)
  • F10 (Mute)
  • F11 (Lower Volume)
  • F12 (Raise Volume)

On Screen Keyboard

  • Eject Key (Show/Hide the on-screen keyboard)

Document Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CMD-c (Copies selected text)
  • CMD-x (Cuts the selected text)
  • CMD-v (Paste)
  • CMD-z (Undo)
  • CMD-shift-z (Redo)
  • CMD-Delete (Deletes everything on the current line to the left of the cursor)
  • Option-Delete (Deletes the word to the left of the cursor)

Document Navigating Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CMD-Up Arrow (Jumps to the top of the document)
  • CMD-Down Arrow (Jumps to the bottom of the document)
  • CMD-Left Arrow (Jumps to the beginning of a line)
  • CMD-Right Arrow (Jumps to the end of a line)

Most all of the standard Apple keyboard shortcuts work but you might find that not all of the applications on the iPad understand and interpret these shortcuts.  It will be nice to see if the iPad iOS 4 software update addresses this and gives is even more we weren’t even expecting.

iPad On-Screen Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Tap the spacebar twice at the end of a sentence. This puts a period at the end, jumps a space and turns on Caps for the next word.
  • Don’t hunt for the apostrophe for the most common words such as “don’t”.  Just type “dont” and it will add the apostrophe.
  • Need quick access to an @ symbol?  Just hold down the ?123 key and then slide over to the @ with your finger and then release and it will insert an @ symbol.
  • Hold down the .com key and it will also show you some additional options such as .net or .org
  • Need an accent mark on a letter? Just hold down the letter and it will show you some options for accent marks
  • Tap a word that iPad underlined and hit the ‘Replace‘ option and it will show you several words to choose from
  • Want to quickly copy an entire paragraph? Tap it rapidly 4 times and then select “copy“. You can then tap 4 times rapidly again where you want to place it and then select “paste“.

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