Cooliris Releases a Wikipedia Magazine Experience for iPad | PadGadget

Since the iPad’s launch back in April, many have experienced the power of Apple’s tablet as a work companion, as a reading and editing tool, and as a device that revolutionized the way you discover, view, share and consume all kinds of media.

The iPad has simply captivated the consumer market. It has created high expectations for any future mobile gadgets and any applications that get launched into the Apple App Store.

Recognizing the high expectations from the consumer market, Cooliris, today has announced the release of their iPad app called Discover. Cooliris, innovator of the stunning way to engage with media on desktops or mobile devices, released the Discover app to bring you an immersive iPad experience that empowers you to explore information through an innovative magazine-style interface on Wikipedia.

The Discover app leverages the power of the iPad to deliver an enjoyable experience for Wikipedia’s vast collection of articles. It facilitates knowledge discovery with an intuitive user interface, and makes exploration a fun experience indeed.

Wikipedia is a tremendous tool for learning and searching for information. But, one of the biggest challenges is the breadth and depth of information provided by Wikipedia, which can sometimes make it difficult for all of us to navigate its content, scroll through text-heavy articles, or deciding which links to click first.

However, Cooliris solves that with their Discover app. The elegant magazine style interface provides you with a simplified “flow” navigation, glossy photos and the ability to dive more deeply into a new concept or information using smart search on Wikipedia.

We had a chance to play with the Discover app. We were impressed by the beautiful and intuitive interface. We liked the way Cooliris enables you to flip easily and quickly through Wikipedia information, just like a magazine.

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