iPad: Satisfaction or Disappointment? – woorkup.com

A success story starring many enthusiasts and a few disappointed. The tablet that’s not for everyone.

CUPERTINO – Three months after the launch of the iPad, in April 2010, Apple has recently claimed to have sold over 3.27 million units of its new tablet and, according to some estimates, if the sales continue along this route, later this year the total number could rise up to 10-12 million iPads sold worldwide.

Beyond the unquestionable commercial success of the iPad, there are also some people who bought the tablet but were left unsatisfied and who, therefore, still rather use their old laptop or netbook.

The main reason for this situation is that not for all users the iPad can be regarded as the instrument to fully substitute their laptop. Before buying a product like the iPad, putting aside the emotional and impulsive approach, you should ask yourself what could you use it for and what would you actually do with it.

Personally, since when I bought the 3G + WiFi version of the Apple’s tablet I have completely abandoned my netbook and my MacBook. I used them to surf the Internet, read e-mail, keep me informed with my feeds on Google Reader and write articles for the blog when my desktop computer wasn’t available. So, ultimately, it was a limited set of activities that are fully reproducible with my iPad.

If your profile matches with mine (and I know many do), besides Safari and Mail allowing you to surf the Internet and read e-mail, I recommend you to download Pages for iPad which is the perfect tool for writing articles and publishing them on your blog. Furthermore, if you’re an avid feed reader you should try Reeder or Pulse. iBooks allows you to read eBooks and view PDF files. If you love travel, you can consult the electronic version of any city guide with your iBook and use the Google Maps application in order to choose your path and guide you perfectly through museums, restaurants and hotels. Finally, if you are a Twitter-addict there are many clients available that will allow you to keep in touch with your followers at times in a more practical way than any smartphone could do.

And now we want to know your opinion: how are you using your iPad? Are you satisfied or disappointed by the Apple tablet?

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