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Have you ever wanted to use your iPad like a true GPS device?  Perhaps you are a hiker and you want to review all your outdoor adventures?  Trails is the perfect app for the iPad that gives it GPS-like functionality….

With Trails ($3.99) you can record all your hikes (make sure you have good protection for your iPad) directly on your iPad and then you can view your recordings live (or later) on an OpenStreetMap (the wikipedia for maps), which includes a lot of additional information such as points of interest, trails, etc.  There are options to switch between road and topographic maps which are loaded once and then stored so you can view them offline.

Trails - GPS Tracker

The other nice feature of this app is that it lets you edit the maps with a single tap – this is nice in case some of the information it recorded is wrong or if you want to label your waypoints.

The other great feature is that it lets you export your data to GPX format which means you can share your “tracks” with others via Google Earth. If you do not want to export your information you can also upload it directly to EveryTrail.com.

Here are some of the features of this great GPS iPad app:

  • Record waypoints with altitude
  • Map cache for viewing offline
  • Edit recorded tracks
  • See distance, speed, and duration
  • Select kilometers or miles

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