Hardmac.com : Le “Macbidouille” in English – Lack of iPad Will Last

If requests for LCD TV are low after the Soccer World Cup, LG is still having troubles to produce enough 9.7″ display panel dedicated to the iPad. LG CEO confirmed this information; even though the company is ready to further invest in production, he would think that it could be a smart move from Apple to slow down introduction of the iPad in other countries. Indeed, LG needs time to setup new production lines. Maybe Apple should have its own production lines…
This will for sure not help Apple as the company is now unable to provide enough iPad and iPhone 4 to answer all requests. It could have an impact on the release of the new version of the iPod Touch; however, the company might speed up the release of new iMac and Mac Pro to be able to match with its sale and financial goals. 

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