iPad Usefulness | 5 Ways To Make The iPad Extremely Useful

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You may already know how useful the iPad is, but if you just got one or are looking for some ways to really make it a part of your daily life, then here are some resources you don’t want to miss…

Those of us iPad users that have tried really hard to integrate it into our daily lives know that it has some limitations.  But, limitations aside, it also can be very useful.  Here are five ways you can make your iPad extremely useful right now!

1.  Integrate iPad Into Your Home (Literally)

wallee for ipad

The first way you can make your iPad really useful is to integrate it into your home.  Take a look at The Wallee.  This is the seamless way to mount your iPad on any flat surface.  Just released this very cool looking accessory comes with a hard case (in 5 colors) and a wall plate.  You can “hang” your iPad anywhere in your house and then, it becomes even more useful.

Imagine having it hang in your office. Then you can have this weather post up while you find new ways to turn it into a weather station.  Or imagine it hanging in your kitchen while you read this post and find some great ways to learn to cook.

We will be getting a Wallee to review and give away to one of our loyal subscribers – stay tuned!

2.  Use The iPad As A Phone

truphone for ipad

skype for ipad

You probably already have a mobile phone but what if you forgot it or you want to use the Internet to make an International call and avoid expensive roaming charges?  That’s where the Truphone iPad app comes in.  It lets you make phone calls over WiFi and 3G.  Truphone is not free to use, but, it is definitely cheaper to use than paying expensive roaming charges and it works great on the iPad.

Another internet phone app you can use is Skype.  Technically they do not have an iPad version (yet).  But users have reported that it works pretty well.

Both of these apps work great and make your iPad even that much more useful.  Imagine having it mounted on your wall with the wallee and making calls to family/friends that may be overseas or across the country.

3.  Control All Your Media & Your Computer Remotely

remote hd

Picture it.  You are sitting at home and you have a PC or Mac desktop, an Apple TV or Windows media device and you want a way to remotely control all of it.  Or you might want to view your Mac/PC desktop on your iPad and work while sitting in our favorite chair or on the couch. To make your iPad extremely useful you will want to check out Remote HD.

Remote HD is truly useful. It allows you to fully control your Mac, PC and Apple TV over WiFi/3G/EDGE or GPRS.  Here are the main features:

  • Live audio streaming from your computer
  • Live display of your computer/Apple TV
  • Apple remote
  • Touch remote for Apple TV
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Multi-Touch Trackpad
  • Wireless Mouse

Now you have an inexpensive way to not only connect and use your computers from anywhere but you have full access to all your multimedia.  If this does not make your iPad extremely useful, I don’t know what does!

4.  Find A Flight. Book It. Learn A New Language.

If you are going to travel then we have the perfect way to make your iPad extremely useful.  How about using it find a cheap flight, book your flight and then learn a new language for your trip?  Yeah, that’s useful and just 5 years ago this would have taken you a lot more time and effort.


Use Kayak to search for flights to anywhere in the world.  The interface is not only extremely well organized but it is fast and shows you just about every detail you could want.  It even shows you local hotels (all within one screen).  Now, when you find a flight and price, you can then tap one and be taken to the website in order to purchase your tickets.  I used this app to book a flight to Las Vegas for Blog World and I found it to be amazingly useful and one I’ll use all of the time.  Plus it’s free.

Now that your flight is booked – you want to learn a little bit of the language for your destination right?  Look no further than your iPad.  I have never seen so many learning opportunities than with the device you have right next to you! It would be hard to list all of the language learning apps that are available so we suggest you search the Education category in the app store and there you will find an abundance of iPad apps that teach you just about any language you could ever want to know.  Plus, with the long battery life you can take it on your flight and keep learning.

5.  Show Your Photos On Your Bigscreen TV

No doubt you have a ton of photos stored on your iPad. Perhaps you take it with you when you travel.  Now imagine that you are traveling to visit family or friends and they have a TV which is one of those big screen LCD sets that would be perfect for showing off all those pictures.

Your iPad becomes extremely useful when you can easily show off your memories on the big screen without a lot of hassle.  Here is what you will need:

  • iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter – you can get this online or in any Apple/Mac store.  It costs $29 and allows you to show video/photos from your iPad.
  • VGA to HDMI Adapter – most modern television sets will have an HDMI port.  Most of them do not have VGA so you will need this adapter to connect with your dock connector and then to your TV.  Here is one in the Amazon Store as an example.
  • Connecting To Composite – For TV’s with Composite (which the majority of them do have) you can get the Apple Composite AV Cable Kit.

There are other types of adapters and many varieties. Get the one that fits your budget and travels well with you.  Once you have your adapters then you are ready to go with your show.  You don’t need any extra apps or devices to show your photos on your TV.  All you need to do is make sure the iPad is connected to the TV and then you can easily open up the Photo app and show off those amazing photos.

So there are 5 ways to make your iPad extremely useful.  These are not the only ways but they do show off the flexibility and they give you some great things to do with it besides reading Email.

Got any useful ways you use your iPad? How have you been able to use it to be extremely useful?

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