iPad Help And Support | 10 Must-Read iPad Resources

ipad troubleshooting

As a new iPad owner you might want to have some resources handy that allow you to learn more about your device, care for it and explore the features. Here are 10 must-read iPad resources for new and existing iPad owners…

No matter how easy or simple a device is, we all have questions from time to time or just want to get back to the basics.  Perhaps you know someone that wants to get some more help with the iPad or they simply want to have some resources they can refer others too.  Here 10 really great resources for knowing much more about the iPad.

The iPad Guided Tours | Apple

These are great for new owners that want to dive in and see how the basics work. They do not cover any one topic in-depth but are certainly worth watching.

The iPad Assistant | Apple

These are great for getting some step-by-step help on some of the standard iPad features like wireless, email, iTunes and Applications.

Update and Restore Alert Messages | Apple

If you are ever trying to update your iPad and you have restore issues then this is the resource for you.

The iPad User Guide | Apple

This the ultimate beginners iPad user guide written by Apple. It’s a PDF download and it is pretty detailed and concise for all levels of iPad user.

The iPad Batteries | Apple

If you want to learn all about the batteries in your iPad and the best ways to care for them and get the most battery life, then this is the resource for you.

The Definitive iPad Guide | Engadget

Here is Engadget’s iPad guide.  It is a work in progress but contains a lot of information that people usually have. This is best for those still thinking of buying an iPad who want to know more.

Troubleshooting The iPad | iPaddaily

Here is our own post that covers some basic iPad troubleshooting steps for when you get really stuck

The iPad and Photos | Apple Support

This is all of the questions and answers relating to the iPad and Photos. It is from the support forum so be aware that there is a lot of reading here but it does cover the vast majority of questions you will have regarding your iPad and photos.

iPad Accessories | Store

Well, we couldn’t resist listing our iPad store for some great accessories.  Hey, it’s a great resource if you are looking for all kinds of iPad “stuff”.

The iPad and Syncing | Apple Support

From the support forums.  Here you can read all about the iPad and various syncing issues.  There is a lot of good information here, just be aware that it’s heavy reading.

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