Use Your iPad To Increase Business | iPad For Marketing

These days, if you are not marketing online then you are not marketing at all.  But that’s easier said than done and you know this if you have ever tried.  How about gaining access to some of the most brilliant minds in internet marketing?

These 4 brilliant minds are: Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark and Sonia Simone.  And back in January, they started what is called Third Tribe Marketing.  What is the Third Tribe?  Well, the third tribe is that in-between group of business owners who want to avoid the excessive hype and snake-oil type of offerings that give them a bad name in the industry.

The third tribe are a group of like-minded business owners that are in social media, blogging, marketing, sales, brick and mortar, etc.  And they all help each other out.  They believe in doing things differently. And they make money doing it.

But they have something else not many people have. They have access to Chris, Darren, Brian, and Sonia.  Think that’s not a big deal?  Well, considering that for one day with Chris you will spend upwards of $22,000, then that’s a pretty big deal.

The Third Tribe marketing group is a place where you get the highest caliber of people just like you that want to learn from each other, help each other increase their business and this takes place on a daily basis, anytime you want.

When you join the third tribe, you will get access to several seminars that teach you right away how to build your online marketing strategies. These are seminars from very very successful folks who have already been in your shoes.  Best of all, you get access to the forums.  This is where most of the activity is and it’s where you want to be right now if you want to network, build your business, and learn from others.

Now. The iPad. Third Tribe Marketing works perfect from the iPad.  All you have to do once you sign up and log in, is create a shortcut right on your iPad screen and you will always have the “tribe” right there.  So now you have a portable way to access the best and the brightest anytime you choose.  It’s a web based forum, no flash, and works great even on 3G!

I get help each day in Third Tribe. I also help others.  In fact, I have been able to interact and talk with people in blogging that I would never have even met. It’s both valuable and useful.

Get a Great Deal When You Join Third Tribe [affiliate link]

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