SkyGrid for iPad – First Look | PadGadget

By now, you should know that the iPad can play many roles in your daily life. One of those roles is as a premiere data consumption device.

We’ve observed many iPad consumers since Apple’s tablet launched back in April. One thing that is very common amongst iPad users is “news reading”. The majority of people we’ve observed have an appetite for staying in touch with the world around them.

One app that can help you aggregate real-time news, and provide content in a very simple way is SkyGrid. I must say that SkyGrid is actually a very useful news and content aggregator.

SkyGrid takes the latest news, blogs, tweets, Facebook and product reviews from lots of data sources. What makes this app very interesting and quite useful is that it pops out the best and most popular news out there in real-time onto your iPad.

SkyGrid’s app filters the news giving you the most important view of what’s happening now. The app gives you relevant information because its engine looks at the topics, people, and events that are spreading fast around the globe. The app streams information from mainstream news, social sites, and blogs and allows you to share news articles and streams on the app via email, Twitter and Facebook.

You can filter news by type, with news categorized by politics, business, travel, tech, sports, entertainment, healthcare and many more. It also lets you create custom streams that combine different types of news.

You can download SkyGrid for Free. With this app you can get a quick view and alerts about trending topics, or events, or products, or even people you like to read about. The app is free and worth the try.

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