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Some people blog because it’s an outlet for their emotions. Others keep a diary under their mattress. And then there are those who do nothing, keep it balled up inside waiting to burst out!  It’s probably best not to be that third one.  So if you’re any of those, you may want to give Max Journal ($2.99) a try. Even if you are not a journal keeper now, with an app this simple you just might turn into one.

Essentially Max Journal is an app that allows one to use their iPad to create and display diary/journal entries quickly, easily, and in a very professional looking manner. Users open the app, and it starts at the page for the current day, ready to go. Type in your entries, add a timestamp, and “paperclip” a few photos to the side for added effect.

As far as options are concerned thankfully the design of Max Journal has not been overly complicated or created with a feature heavy feel to it. Users can change text size and type, add tags for searching, create a password that protects the journal from prying eyes, and rearrange photos in entries easily. That’s about it. The app backs away from being in your face, leaves the user alone, and lets journaling just happen.

When you’ve finished an entry, a weeks worth, a month, or a year, and you want to go ahead and export it you have the ability to do so in the app. Users can export in Text or PDF format and can send to an email address or back it up to a desktop computer.

Max Journal - Click for full version

Click for full version

So what is my advice for additions with the app? Well I’m glad you asked. You know I have some. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would overly complicate the app, as the way it was designed allows anyone to just jump right in. However it would be nice to have the ability to password protect only CERTAIN entries as opposed to only the whole book. I’d also love the ability to import a blog or xml file created from a blog export. If I’ve already got an online journal and want to switch over to Max Journal I’m going to want to take my old entries with me. Easily.

As you can see Max Journal isn’t really missing much, it’s simple and elegant and gets the job done. If you want an app for journaling or keeping a diary then you will want to give this one a try.

The author of this post is Jonathan “Red” Norman

“Jonathan” aka “ReDMoSqUi” aka “Jon” aka “Jack” aka “Red” is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and a Business Computer Technology teacher in North Carolina. Jon has worked on various websites since becoming interested in webdesign in the mid 90’s, including sites for bands such as Incubus and Dredg. “Red” is married with two children and has a weird obsession with technology, music, and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey! Contact me via email: jon (AT) or visit the link below to Buzz with me on Google.

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