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ipad weather station

Did you know that your iPad can act as your own personal weather station? It sure can.  And you don’t even need to rely on the weatherman to inform you.  These top 5 iPad weather apps will help you each and every day with all your weather needs…

The weather.  It’s one of those things that can change in minutes.  And yet, we rely on forecasts for planning what we are going to wear, what activities we will do, and even where we will go for that weekend getaway.  The good thing is you have your iPad!  The better thing is you have access to some amazing apps that can make your iPad the best weather station you will ever have.  So let’s dive into the top 5 weather apps and then you can become your very own meteorologist.  Ready? Let’s go…

Weather Station Pro ($1.99)

weather station pro

Want to turn your iPad into your own personal weather station? This apps gets you really close!  A top-rated app for several weeks, Weather Station Pro is a very simple app packed with features.  There are no fancy graphics or images, just a clean and very well laid out design.  I love the way that the developer took time to organize this abundance of  information.  Here are some of the things you can see with this app:

  • Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Wind Force & Direction
  • Sunrise and Sunset times
  • 5-day forecast

The weather is provided by Weather Underground which has over 13,000 weather stations worldwide.  They are adding new features to this app all the time so it will include even more features in the future.  I like this one because it is simple to read and understand.  It is also quite accurate – nothing will ever be perfect but given that you can travel with it, that makes it even more attractive.

Hurricane HD ($3.99)

hurricane hd

You might not live near an area of the country where hurricanes occur but you might have family or friends that do.  This app is one of the most detailed I have seen when it comes to tracking hurricanes.  It is fascinating to see the latest patterns of their travel, the detailed map views, and the wind speeds, etc.  Even without any hurricanes this app is updated every 6 hours from the National Hurricane Center.  It shows all of the activity in the tropics with detailed outlooks.

Not only can you see the current storm activity but you can track historical activity for a particular storm.  Also, you can see wind speeds, focal points, direction, estimated paths and category information.

As a person that loves weather I think this is one of the best uses of the iPad I have seen in terms of weather apps.  It is easy to use but sophisticated in its detail.

RadarScope ($9.99)

radar scope

Are you ready to get serious about tracking?  Here is an app that will get you from curious to serious in 2 seconds.  RadarScope allows you to view NEXRAD level 3 radar data.  It does not simply show you rendered images, rather, you are seeing the real live radial format for a very high level of detail.  This app is for the serious weather buff and has some of the following features:

  • Enhanced level 3 data
  • Base reflectivity with 256 levels of resolution
  • Base velocity with 256 levels of resolution
  • SpotterNetwork.org storm spotter
  • Radar Site favorites

Weather Deck ($4.99)

Weather Deck

Here is a high-definition app for outdoor enthusiasts.  It presents slip map based weather maps and entire global collection of imagery.  This is the perfect weather app for sailing, fishing, aviation, hiking, biking, and camping.  Here are a few of the features:

  • Global Lightning Map
  • Radar and satellite
  • Global maps
  • Aviation maps
  • Slip maps (nexrad, infrared satellite, temp., dewpoint, ceiling, visibility, flight rules)

This is one of those apps where you really have see to appreciate.  It is not an app for those just looking to see the forecast. It is detailed, and contains a ton of advanced weather information.  But in all honesty, for an outdoor enthusiast, it’s the one to have with you.

Pocket Weather World HD ($1.99)

Pocket Weather World

For $1.99 you get the world’s weather at your fingertips (literally).  But this app is more than just the temperature for each city. You get detailed weather information for each city so it’s like your own portable world weather station.  Here are a few features:

  • Search for a location anywhere on the globe
  • Add weather by GPS
  • Sunrise/sunset times
  • Have the current temperature pushed as a badge (no need to open the app)
  • Radars

The thing I liked about this app was that it also includes the world time so you get a world clock as well.  It’s not extremely detailed as the other weather station-type apps but it is handy enough for world weather information.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about some of the ways you can turn your iPad into a true weather station.  Pick the one that best suits your needs or explore them all.  Even if you have an amateur fascination with weather it is pretty amazing to have all this information on one device.

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