TeamViewer for iPad – First Look [Free Version] | PadGadget

If you’re looking for apps to access your remote computers via your iPad there are a few options for you on the App Store. We’ve already covered VNC Viewer and LogMeIn Ignition. Another option for you is TeamViewer HD.

With the TeamViewer app you can access remote computers from everywhere. It allows you to give spontaneous support as well as having permanent access to unattended computers.

To use TeamViewer HD is simple. Simply download TeamViewer HD from the App Store onto your iPad. Install and run TeamViewer 5 on your PC or TeamViewer 4 on your Mac (download from here). Enter your PC’s or Mac’s ID and password directly into TeamViewer HD to connect.

Features Summary

  • Both spontaneous support and remote access to unattended computers.
  • Convenient control via multi-touch gestures: left click, right click, drag & drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor.
  • Complete keyboard including special keys such as Ctrl, Alt for Windows.
  • Rebooting remote computers.
  • Automatically decrease the screen resolution of the remote computer.
  • Trouble-free use behind firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Security standards supported – 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange.
  • Many more features

Up until now, TeamViewer only offered a commercial version (TeamViewer Pro HD). Now, you can try the recently launched free version.

Editor’s Note: The free version has the same features as the Pro version. However, the Free version is meant for private use (non-commercial) only.

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