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Dragon Dictation

Typing on the iPad is “ok” but it is best for very short messages or tweets.  When it comes to email or creating documents you would want to use a wireless keyboard or the Apple keyboard dock for sure.  But what about talking to your iPad and letting it do the typing?

One of the ways the iPad can save you some time (and be kind to your wrists) is by using voice recognition software such as Dragon Dictation.  There are a few other voice recorders but none of them (yet) do as good of a job as Dragon, and you definitely want a good piece of software for this or you might end up typing it all down anyway.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is free and and is powered by Dragon Naturally Speaking, the infamous software for desktops/laptops that has an impressive track record for recognizing voice and translating it to text.

So what can you do with this app?  Well here are some great ideas:

  • Dictate Emails
  • Compose a document
  • Take Notes
  • Update Facebook Status
  • Send Tweets

You can do all of this using your voice instead of typing. I would recommend you use a headset with a microphone or be in a quiet location or the voice recognition engine can have trouble translating your words.

Easy To Use

The app looks simple and it is.  All you do is install it, press the Tap To dictate button and start talking.  Tap to stop and it shows you it’s interpreted results.  If you need to make corrections to the text you can or you can simply send it off in an email or copy it and paste it into a document or Facebook, etc.  That’s it!

If you want a simple and effective solution to voice recognition on the iPad this is the app to check out.

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