iPad Project Management | Use iPad To Manage Your Projects

ipad project management

Using the iPad to manage all your projects both large and small can be both valuable and a huge time saver.  Here’s how to make your iPad the ultimate project management tool…

Project management is no small task.  Even for small projects such as a website tweak or a new client meeting or even a school project for that matter – it all takes organization of time.  The portability of the iPad and the long battery life (thankfully) make this a great tool to have in order to manage your projects.

Project Management Resources

Now, before we launch into some of the apps you will want to take advantage of, I want to point out a few resources that provide some good tips for project management in general:

Project Management Tools

So, there are some project management tips in general.  Now, let’s see how the iPad can become your very own project management tool.

Nozbe for iPad ($9.99)

Nozbe iPad Project Management

This is one of the most top-rated project management apps currently available.  It is a full-fledged productivity app, which includes a cloud-based sync feature for all nozbe.com web-app users.  While some project management apps are simply just modified to-do lists, Nozbe has 3 features that take a different approach:

  • Projects – Organizes groups of actions together
  • Next Actions – Lets you choose which actions to do today, right now, or in the future
  • Contexts – To get stuff done in different places, with different tools

They recently updated to version 2.0 which added a wealth of collaboration features so you can get stuff done with friends and/or colleagues.

Tip: Another great use.  Imagine that you are student and want to work together on a school project. Here is a great way to stay organized and collaborate with follow students.

Some of the collaboration features of Nozbe include:

  • Sharing your projects
  • Delegating actions
  • Comments
  • File browsing (uploading and viewing)

Sum+it Project Calculator ($4.99)

Sum It ipad project management

Part of doing a project is estimating the cost.  This project management tool for the iPad helps you quickly estimate the cost of a project, prepare a proposal and send it via Email.  With this app you can enter in all of the project cost details and it will produce a detailed report that includes a .csv attachment for easy import into any spreadsheet program.  Here are some of the features:

  • Projects can be organized with sub-projects
  • Totals roll up to the parent project
  • Great for sales estimates, software development, film and video production and special event planning
  • Adjustments and tax rates

HiTask – Online Task Management (Free)


As a free app HiTask is pretty impressive for what it does.  It does not include all of the bells and whistles as with the paid apps but it does do basic project management.  With this app you can organize tasks into projects, arrange with tags and colors and assign tasks to other team members.  Here are some of the features:

  • Tasks, notes, events, projects
  • Task colors
  • Calendar
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Create tasks by sending email to HiTask

Project Pad ($9.99)

Project Pad

Project pad is a true project management app in the sense that is uses all of the features found in larger project management software.  To use this app you really have to be serious about project management!  This particular version was built from the ground up to be a true project system.  It includes some of the following features:

  • Allows multiple projects and switching between them
  • Tasks within each project
  • Set percent done and hard/soft dependencies
  • Table and Gantt-style views
  • Export to PDF
  • Allows for the sending of comments to task owners

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